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Global Social Impact Communities Explorer

This page was built to help you find your path, and connect you to the amazing organizations and communities that are aligned with your interests and intentions.

The scope of this ecosystem map are communities that are involved in social impact work. Most of the communities have digital components that are global and that anyone can either join or apply, however, a few are restricted by location based and focus on key countries.


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In every view you can filter by:

Location - If you are interested in location specific, otherwise select global.

Network - Networks are main categories such as Climate Change that are aggregations of topics like permaculture, composting, and sustainability.

Community Type - Is the community based around an alliance, company, non-profit?


Have a community that we missed? Add yourself to the map so that others can find you!


Use the search bar to search for keywords, topics, or a specific community!

A personal note

As difficult as 2020 was, it was the year that I can say I truly found my tribe. Before 2020, I didn't know that what I was doing for years could be considered systems thinking or information architecture, I didn't know what "sense-making" or gameB was, and I had no idea I'd learn about cooperative business models and help start a mutual aid group. These bits of knowledge and opportunities came to me because I spent HOURS going down the youtube rabbit hole, joining hundreds of facebook groups, and eventually weaving my way through networks until I found the ones I was truly aligned with. Catalist is an organization dedicated to not only sharing what I've learned as a digital guide for those seeking their path to action, but also to build tools to enable crowd-sourced sharing of knowledge, opportunities and resources. We hope that seeing the big picture can help catalyze you into action.

-Vincent Arena

Founder, Catalist.

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