Catalist connects you to
to positively change the world.

Catalist is a connection platform designed to catalyze collective action.

Catalog + List = Catalist

Catalist allows communities to collect, organize, and display information in a beautiful way. Each network contains filterable databases of information that is:




The Problems.

Unsustainable Consumption of Resources and Information.

he average American spends 50 minutes on Instagram, 1 hour on FB, and 45 minutes on Snapchat. More content is being created every day, while there is a war for diminishing user attention. Social media applications are designed to take up our most valuable resource, time.

From Life Updates To Life Upgrades

Social networks focus on sharing our best life moments and highlights, and news that often highlights humanity's worst. We instead need to put a focus on connecting people to collaborate, connect, and co-create. Catalist aims to help you move from consuming life updates to creating life upgrades.

Actionable Knowledge Is Power.

With the right support, there is no limit to human potential. Equal access to education, information, and resources is empowering and liberating. Why can't everyone have access to the same opportunities as successful change-makers? Now they can.

People are good. The world is complex

Exponentially-advancing technology has made the world far too complex for the average person to understand. There are so many factors and tradeoffs in every decision, yet nuance is difficult to find.

We lack the tools, time, and ability to keep track of opportunities and make sense of the world. Instead, many of us feel pressured to giving up on trying to understand the complexities of the world. We must use technology to lower the barrier to understanding the world and each other. To create positive change, people need a habitat where they can thrive. a culture of empathy, creativity, and innovation. Catalist aims to provide a platform to connect people to the information, communities, and individuals that can help them transition to omni-win outcomes.

“There are no bad people. There are only people with insufficient information to make appropriate decisions.”

We Must Transform Every Aspect Of Society.

To solve the issues that we face, we must transform our economic, social, and technical systems.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”― Buckminster Fuller

The Future Is Connected and Regenerative

Our current economic systems are rivalrous and extractive, which means that in order for some people to win, other people or habitats must lose. The future must entail a transition to systems where individuals are incentivized to do things that maximize their own self-interest and the well-being of others.

We Don't Have Time To Reinvent The Wheel

People, organizations, and movements are not yet connected in a significant way. To effectively achieve our common goals, we must collaborate. It is urgent that we avoid wasting time and resources duplicating our efforts. Students re-learn the same information and re-create the same projects every year. Fear of missing out on Facebook makes us overlook life's important opportunities. Constant scrolling and information overload have replaced embodied group knowledge.

Collaboration is Key.

"We are in a world where global challenges are more integrated, and the responses are more and more fragmented. If these are not reversed, it is a recipe for disaster" - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

Deep Profiles Allow For Deep Connections. With You In Control.

Existing platforms are not currently organized in a way that’s useful to orient people to the world. Newsfeeds and profiles are not designed to help us understand each other at a profound level and match with the content and opportunities that truly resonate with us. Algorithms that you cannot see or control are flawed because they can only show you information based on what you’ve done in the past.

Social Media's Business Model Is Broken.

Instead of selling your information to advertisers, we focus on aggregating information to show to you.

Catalist lets you:

-build a profile that takes into consideration your future goals, aspirations, and values.

-connect to the information you want to see with the quantity of a search engine and precision of a database.

-strengthen the connections within your pre-existing groups.

-make new friends in intersecting communities.

-connect with people you know to take tangible action together.

-create spaces for people to share opportunities with each other in private groups while also adding to a global knowledge commons.

Tight-Knit Communities Will Change The World.

Recent college grads often have a hard time finding friends after losing physical communities. COVID-19 has exacerbated this problem. Digital communities now must make people comfortable to actually connect. Putting 10 people in a group chat making plans and having them talk about it before the event. common bond and network.Catalist is a digital library for groups to organize information that catalyzes their members into action.

Stop Getting Lost In The Stream. Join the Garden.

When you post on Facebook or Linkedin, you have a few days to find what you're looking for before your message gets buried forever. The design of social media focuses on a constant stream of endless information. In a large group, you better hope someone answers you before the post gets buried. The larger the networks, the harder it is to get answers as notifications become less relevant. In a small group, it's impossible to find people that match what you're seeking.

Quality over Quantity

Catalist helps you manage the quality of your relationships and opportunities.

Catalist helps individuals find information that they are looking for. Catalist Pro passively connects users to relevant opportunities.Catalist can link you to opportunities they were interested in as they came up (within their groups).





Steps To Being a Catalist:

1) Capture the opportunities that you find online

2) Quickly & easily index relevant information with tags.

3) Catalog with actionable timely follow-ups

4) Get notified only when you’ll need it.